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Aydan KODALOGLU, President & CEO


Born in 1961 in Ankara, Turkey, she is the President & CEO of AK Group International Consulting Company. She served on the Board and the Advisory Board of the American Turkish Council (1993-2004). She is the former (1990 - 1999) Director of the Turkish-American Association in Ankara.

She has been in the Presidential Delegations to the US in 1991 and 1993 with President Turgut Özal assisting The President in Washington Lobbying issues. She has also been in The Prime Ministry Delegations of PM Süleyman Demirel in 1992 and PM Tansu Çiller in October 1993 and April 1995.

She has been working on the US-Turkish Relations, Turkish-Israeli Relations, Iraq and Turkish Domestic Policies.

Ms. Kodaloglu speaks fluent English and fair German.